Choose An Electrical Contractor When Considering Electrical Panel Upgrades And Repairs

Electrical Panel Upgrade

What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Not sure what an electrical panel upgrade is? That’s okay because you are not alone. Most homeowners are unfamiliar with this type of electrical service, and few know when they are due for it. First of all, an electrical panel is the component of your electrical system that receives the electricity that is coming into your home from the power grid. It also transfers that energy to circuits, which then distribute power throughout your home. An electrical panel typically lasts between 25 to 40 years before needing to be replaced.

As your home ages and technology advances, your electrical panel may need to be upgraded. That means that your current panel needs to have its capacity increased so that it can handle your home’s electricity demand. Panel capacity is measured in amperage (amps). If you currently have a 100-amp service, it may need to be upgraded to a 150 or 200-amp service.

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

There are two primary indications that you should upgrade your electrical panel. The first is if you have been experiencing electrical problems in your home.

Common electrical problems that may indicate your need for electrical panel replacement include:

Your lights are flickering – Your everyday electrical appliances like your AC and refrigerator use more electricity than you’d think. If your electrical grid is spread too thin your flickering lights will be one of the first signs of the need for electrical panel replacement.

Your breakers trip frequently – One tripped circuit here and there isn’t anything to write home about, but if you’re noticing that this happens all too often then contact our Los Angeles electrical panel replacement professionals.

You have to turn off one appliance to use another – In a properly functioning electrical grid, there shouldn’t be a trade-off in power for one electrical appliance if another is turned on or off.

Your breakers will not stay reset – It’s possible that your breakers aren’t functioning to the best of their abilities and while this could be fixed, it could also be a sign for electrical panel replacement.

Your appliances are running at less than full power – Look out for appliances that are shutting off or not starting all together and if you notice anything is off the get in touch with our Los Angeles electrical panel replacement technicians.

You feel tingling or mild shock when touching switches or appliances – Your electrical grid shouldn’t produce any shocks or heat and if it does, then you’re in line for an upgrade.

You hear sizzling, crackling, or buzzing coming from receptacles – While electricity may seem to do everything, it’s supposed to do so silently.

The second indication that you require a panel upgrade is if you are expecting to significantly increase the electricity demand in your home. For example, you are getting ready to add something to your home that requires a lot of electricity, such as an HVAC system, hot tub, or electric dryer. Or perhaps, you are planning to build on a room to your home. More space means more electricity is needed for things like lighting and air conditioning. Both of these scenarios point to your need for a panel upgrade.


There is nothing more essential than the electrical system in your home, and safety matters above all else. We’ll be there to help you take good care of your home and all of the facets of your electrical system.

Improve Your Household With Panel Upgrades

you probably have already begun to notice the signs. Homeowners in need of electrical panel upgrades will have to unplug one appliance to use another, blow fuses frequently, and just don’t have enough power to take care of today’s needs.

Older homes have charm but can rarely keep up with modern day demand for electricity. You’ll notice benefits such as:

One of the immediate perks many homeowners don’t even think about is the fact that this increases the value and the ability to sell a home much easier. Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, there’s nothing wrong with maximizing the value. Should the day arrive that you do want to sell, you’ll be able to maximize the asking price and sell quicker.

Stop having the issues that are symptoms of an outdated panel. This includes flickering lights, appliances that burn out, and surges.

Make better use of your existing electrical system. Today’s demands include watching TV in multiple rooms, while charging multiple electronic gadgets, and other tasks that are a high draw of electricity. The only way for an older home with an older panel to keep up is to get updated.

You can also lower your homeowner’s insurance with this upgrade. Since this lowers the likelihood of a panel related fire, this will be reflected in your insurance premiums.


There are plenty of options available to you for home upgrades. While many are fun and exciting luxuries, the important ones are the ones that can improve your at-home living experience.


When you hire team to conduct your panel upgrade for you, you can feel confident knowing that you hired the right professionals for the job. In every service that provide, main objective is to provide customers with the most reliable, safe, and efficient electrical system possible. are honored by the fact that so many local property owners trust with their electrical maintenance needs. will honor that trust by putting best effort forward in order to provide you with the highest quality services possible.

The Importance of Your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel of your home is vitally important. Electricity from the power grid enters your home at the electrical panel. This electricity is then sent to the various circuits within your property. As such, if your electrical panel is damaged or insufficient for your energy needs, the entirety of your electrical system will malfunction and under-perform.

When to Conduct an Electrical Panel Upgrade

In modern homes, demand more electricity for devices and appliances than ever did in the past. Unfortunately, many older electrical panels were not designed to provide this amount of energy. If you notice that your electrical system is not operating reliably, it may be because your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.

Common signs that your electrical panel is insufficient for your energy needs, include:

Routinely tripping circuit breakers

Dimming and flickering lights

Excessive use of power strips or extension cords

Because these are signs that your electrical system is being overloaded, they are also indications that there may be a safety hazard to your home. An electrical panel upgrade can resolve all of these issues.

If you are conducting any major remodeling and adding a new circuit to your home, you should consider upgrading your electrical panel as well. Any major increase in electrical demand can overload your panel and cause sub-optimal performance.

Electric control panel enclosure for power and distribution electricity. Uninterrupted, electrical voltage.


Sometimes the most important and pivotal parts of how a business runs are taken for granted. Take your WiFi, for example. You probably rely heavily on WiFi and Internet access, but you don’t spend your time thinking about it… unless there’s a problem, that is.

Electrical panels are critical for the function, safety, and operation of many commercial applications and businesses. However, a lot of business owners and industries have one installed and then don’t think about it again unless a problem arises.

Now that we’ve reminded you of your electrical panel, you might be asking yourself what you should be looking for and when it’s best to get an electrical panel upgrade. In this post, we’re going over some of the best reasons for a commercial electrical panel upgrade that you should consider for your own system.


Old electrical panels that haven’t been updated in years or ones that haven’t even been looked at in years are at the top of the list for an electrical panel upgrade. As time goes on, components of your electrical panel are going to wear down. Wires, breakers, fuses, and more can wear down with age, which can lead to problems and damage to the panel.

Your Technology Is Outdated

You might think that outdated technology is the same as age, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Think about the pace that technological advancement has. Technology changes rapidly and significantly in very short periods of time. Something that was state of the art a few years ago is almost always outpaced within a year or two by new technology or advancements.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Before You Plug in Decorations

A most wonderful time of the year for house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), each holiday season an average of 150 homes are burned, 8 people killed, and 14 injured due to incorrect use of holiday lights.

Before you deck the halls – deck your wall with a new electrical panel

All those lights covering your roof, windows, trees and bushes might not seem as powerful as your jumbo-size snow blower, but multiplied by each strand and in combination with your Stay-Puft size inflatable snowman, they can put quite a load on your electrical system. Even seemingly modest plans can strain the system of older homes. In fact, if your home is more than a mere 20 years old, chances are good your breaker box and meter are no longer up-to-date, and would greatly benefit from a 100 amp or higher meter and breaker box boost.

Thinking maybe you’ll return those extra lights with that ugly holiday sweater?

Those Christmas lights aren’t the only thing stressing your electrical panel. Chances are your merry home is also decked out with large heating and air systems, multiple flat screen TVs and refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, microwave and toaster ovens, hair dryers, and an endless array of mobile devices sucking down juice, combined requiring more power than many older homes have the electrical capacity to manage.

Why don’t I just bump up my breakers?

Yikes. Occasionally homeowners burn out on resetting a breaker, replacing it with one larger than the wire it’s connected to is rated to carry. This is never a good idea, as it increases the possibility of overload, and is why today’s current electrical panels require GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) to further protect against overload and electrocution risks. If you’re experiencing issues with repeatedly tripping breakers, have your box professionally inspected to identify issues.

How can you know for sure it’s time to upgrade?

You live in an older home.

Electrical panels are only designed to last about 25-40 years. Worse, some somewhat newer panels house defective/recalled components the average homeowner is ignorant of. Complicating matters, homes pre-1950 were often build with only 30, 50, or 60 amp service, which is just not enough power for today’s home.

Lights dim when large appliances turn on.

If the lights in your home dim or flicker when your HVAC, microwave, hairdryer, or other energy sucking appliance is switched on, it’s a dead giveaway of the need for an upgrade.

Breakers trip frequently – or not at all.

Worn out panels are more susceptible surges. If you’re resetting breakers a few times a week, your box is in need of some serious attention. Also, if breaker resets do not restore power – or your box/breakers doesn’t shut off during overload –  you may have a faulty service panel.

Signs of electrical fire within the panel.

Dark discoloration – scorch marks – indicate a need for professional assistance right away.